Virtualization and Co-Location

Todays business technology is becoming virtualized at a rapid pace. This is allowing organizations to deliver their applications and services to their employees and to their customers in any format : Desktop Applications, Mobile Applications or Hosted Applications. Older server technology needs to be virtualized in order to maintain access to applications that run on them. We can help you with P2V migration planning, local to hosted conversion of applications and local to cloud migration planning with industry experts supporting you through the process. Consolidation will not only save on heating and cooling costs and electrical costs. You will gain real estate within your office that can be used to expand your workforce, or add that media room you've been wanting to build.

So how can virtualization and co-location of your hardware benefit your business?

With our Virtualization solutions, you can:

  • Shorten recovery time after a disaster - simplify your data recovery
  • Enhance efficiency of applications - we take advantage of rapid provisioning and dynamic load balancing
  • Utilize office space more efficiently - expand your workforce or build out a new conference room or media center with the space previously used by that server room.

Remain competitive and compliant, retain access to applications no longer supporting an upgrade path. Or physically move your server room, racks and equipment to a state of the art datacenter.

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