Network Security

Our experience and the tools we use to secure your network provide an environment which allows clients to do what they do best not having to worry about common threats and intrusion attempts. Network Security also requires education of the staff and continuous training on emerging threats. We stay on top of the threat surface and help you and your organization maintain a stable and clean environment.

Minnesota IT Partners Network Security service includes:

  • Perimeter security - keep threats out of your network
  • Regular reports - monitor users’ Internet activity and block risky websites
  • Mobile Device Management - take security of your mobile devices to the next level. Integrate a Mobile Device Management Policy with our cloud managed security solutions
  • Content filtering - block malicious websites, prevent access to unsafe content and implement a internet use policy.
  • Compliant - we make sure that your system complies with both PCI and HIPAA requirements.

Our Network Security service will provide a comprehensive set of tools to prevent infection, remediate those systems which have been compromised and to standardize access to resources based on company policy moving forward.

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