Backup and Disaster Recovery

Through a thorough plan of action, a consistent daily approach to the backup of your systems, and the validation of those backups, we are able to provide a much higher level of recovery for your organizations most critical infrastructure. Our approach allows you to focus more of your time on running your business.

Minnesota IT Partners’s Backup and Disaster Recovery services include:

  • Continuous Data Protection - as often as every 15 minutes, to once a month we can backup your data onsite and offsite.
  • Data Replication between Data Centers - Our backup services are capable of multi-site replication. Your server images can live in different regions of the US to protect against natural disasters and other threats.
  • Seeding & Bandwidth Throttling Option - We maximize the use of efficient backup methods to provide your organization with minimal impact when we move your data to our encrypted cloud.
  • Retention policies to match your compliance requirements - We customize the backup retention based on your budgetary and compliance requirements. From 1 image per day to having a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly retention of your backup images in the cloud.
  • Reporting and Reliability - We have managed cloud solutions in place to automate the reporting, utilization and operation for your onsite and offsite backups.
  • Agent and Agentless Backups - We have a solution to meet your virtual backup and physical backup requirements. These packages operate and integrate seamlessly with your infrastructure.

We're confident our Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions will fulfill your organizations needs. Talk with a dedicated account engineer today about your next steps.

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